Mar 162018

Although it is true that men cheat, it would be unfair to say that all men cheat. Women also cheat on their partners. However, since we are discussing men we will stick with them.

Men don’t always cheat on their partners because they have stopped loving them. There can be a host of other reasons, which can drive a man to cheat.

The reasons come as surprise

Before discussing the reason, you need to understand that any relationship and associated feelings are driven by our psychology. Our body is going through dynamic vibration of hormones or chemical substances when we are closer to opposite gender. It is quite unfortunate men don’t have their loved ones around while they are working. However, our body does not stop making those vibrations. So what happens next? They get temptations. Obviously, they may cheat if it goes beyond their capabilities.
The recent research confirms that around 25-75% of married men cheat. However, it also confirms that not all men cheat. It also reveals hidden facts about the reasons behind their infidelity. Here are few psychological reasons to explain the reasons.

Some men actually cheat to save their marriages

Contrary to popular belief, men that cheat are mostly satisfied and happy with their marriages. According to researchers, 57% of cheating men are completely satisfied with their married lives.
The reason why men cheat is that they are unable to solve their relationship problems. They just cheat so another woman can satisfy their sexual urge so they can act better around their wives.

They lack discipline, but they still love their partners

Surprisingly, cheating is not associated with love in any aspect. It all falls under discipline. The hormonal vibrations that govern sexual responses are not associated with love.
It takes incredible self-discipline and control for a man to overlook a beautiful female colleague or friend. In some cases men resort to cheating because, they lack the discipline to control themselves in a tempting situation.
Most of them cheat because they’re sexually active

Yes, it is very true. Sometimes when the female counterpart in a relationship is sexually satisfied, but the male counterpart’s sexual thirst remains unsatisfied.
Men feel it’s completely okay for them to go to someone else to quench their sexual desires. They think that because their wife/partner is satisfied so it is OK satisfy their sexual urges elsewhere.

They don’t want to be over-demanding in bed

Sexual urge is once again at play here. Let us admit it guys, we have a weakness for sex. We want it all the time. However, for some men, keeping this weakness a secret is important.
They usually think that if they open up about their sexual needs to their wife /partner, she will end up taking advantage of his weakness. This is why such men end up cheating.

Being overly confident of a relationship can lead to cheating, too

Overconfidence in a relationship has the designs of hurting it. When the wife has overconfidence in her relationship and she cannot think of living without her husband.
The husband takes advantage of it, because he knows that his wife will not leave him.