Sep 142012
Bangladeshi women smoke less, suffer more

Women in Bangladesh smoke less, but they suffer more from malnutrition due to tobacco consumption by other family members, a recent study reveals. It finds in general a negative association between women’s nutrition and the extent of tobacco consumption in the household. Consumption of tobacco may affect women’s nutrition via several routes. Income spent on

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Sep 072012
In Bangladesh, in Spain the poor assert their rights

From two far-apart areas of the globe, under widely differing conditions, the grossly underpaid factory workers in Bangladesh and the jobless farm-workers in Spain have taken bold steps to assert their rights and to demand economic and social justice. Since March this year, Bangladeshi workers have been protesting at their factory sites and in the

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Aug 182012
Women's sexual fantasies less depraved than men's

The novel Fifty Shades of Grey may have Britain’s housewives experiencing something of a sexual renaissance, but women’s steamiest thoughts are still tame compared with the male imagination, scientists claim. While men spend more time thinking about sex than their partners overall, a survey found that women have more fantasies which could be described as

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