Jan 102013

Dhaka, Jan 10, 2013: A cold snap which saw temperatures drop to 40-year lows in Bangladesh has killed around 80 people, officials said. Shah Alam, the deputy head of the weather office, said the lowest temperature was recorded at 3 degrees Celsius in the northern town of Syedpur. He said the last time the temperature

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Jan 092013

 Dhaka, Jan 9, 2013: Bone chilling cold slows the wheels of life in Bangladesh on Wednesday as the mercury dipped to all-time record low between 3.2 and 5 degrees Celsius. Normal life almost halted across the country especially in the sub-Himalayan northern region, officials and local sources said. Even the foreign visitors, who are accustomed

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Dec 242012

Dhaka, Dec 24: Bangladesh Bank on Monday asked all commercial banks and financial institutions (FIs) of the country to stand beside the poor people who are worst sufferers in the cold spell. The central bank issued a circular asking the banks and FIs to immediately distribute warm clothes and blankets to cold-hit destitute across the

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Sep 072012
Climate change a mixed blessing for wheat

Dhaka, Sept 8: Climate change may have a profound effect on the world’s ability to produce wheat — one of its staple crops — and adaptation efforts must take into account both the positive and negative effects of climate shifts, say wheat experts. Production in some regions, such as India and Mexico, is predicted to

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Aug 152012

Two ships sold by state-owned oil giant Petroleos Mexicanos, or Pemex, to scrap yards in Pakistan and Bangladesh contained hazardous materials, a violation of both Mexican and international law, an environmental group said. “The arrival of these obsolete vessels, the Sebastian and the De Marz, in South Asia without notice and without first being pre-cleaned

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