Mar 102017
Bangladesh to export technical interns in Japan

Bangladesh will send technical interns to Japan for employing them at different construction and production related industries. A memorandum of understanding will be signed in this regard between the International Manpower Development Organization, Japan (IM Japan) and Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment Ministry at the ministry at 10am Sunday. Minister for Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas

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Sep 142012

The government of Bangladesh is  planning to new more housing across the country for low and middle-income people by 2015 to reduce pressure on the capital city and other divisional headquarters, said State Minister for Housing and Public Works Abdul Mannan Khan. “We have taken several housing projects in the last three and half years

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Sep 072012
In Bangladesh, in Spain the poor assert their rights

From two far-apart areas of the globe, under widely differing conditions, the grossly underpaid factory workers in Bangladesh and the jobless farm-workers in Spain have taken bold steps to assert their rights and to demand economic and social justice. Since March this year, Bangladeshi workers have been protesting at their factory sites and in the

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